Creative Marketing for Starving Artists

Short and sweet.


I was at a local art show over the weekend.  Lots of artists displaying their works with hopes of “somebody please buy one” splashed across their faces.  Not quite my cup of tea, I was just riding “shotgun” with a friend, but I’m always up for an adventure.

So this got me thinking…


Other than an art show presentation, a website, or through word of mouth how do these artists (because at least some of them looked as if they were starving!) advertise?

What would be an interesting, unique way to create a buzz about an artist? 


An idea is born:  


You, artist extraordinaire, paint your masterpiece.  Have someone video, or take periodic still shots of you as you paint.  Similar to a  a >>> Bob Ross  type thing (please don’t say have never heard of him!).  I suppose you could even do that yourself.

Then with the video or pictures you create a time lapse video of you painting your masterpiece.  In other words you speed up the video so you paint a picture in 4-5 minutes.  Any college kid graphic designer could bang that out on his Apple computer in twenty minutes.

AND, you put it to music.  I would try to match the music with the theme of the painting.  Done in the correct way this can really be very cool!

Outsource if you want.  Partner up with a video guy.  Maybe a “newbie” who wants to get some sunlight on his video service.  Heck partner up with an Audio engineer or a DJ and really create something special.

 Don’t over think things.  Just go for it. 


The final video product will showcase your painting; the unique presentation will get you eyeballs, and the music mix creates an emotional attachment to the painting.  Not to mention the folks who really like it and share the video using Social Media.  Nicely done!

You’re not selling anything, you are simply creating an awesome video that will generate views and interest, and that may lead to sales for you on the back end.  So you are not stepping on anyone’s toes.  Don’t worry.


Everbody wins.  W3 is what I like to call it – win – win – win.

The artist.  The Musician.  The Videographer.


Now the next time Pablo (ok – blatant Picasso reference there) sits behind a table at the art show he hands out biz cards with the link to his awesome videos and guess what happens.  All the attendees from the art show remember that artist – the one with the videos.  Yep, sales are on the rise.


That’s the scoop.


Let me know what you think – yay or nay?




~ ~ ~