Video Memories

Note:  I try to keep these Ideas short and Sweet. 🙂


So every year around the Holidays I usually find the time to go back to the old neighborhood, where I grew up, and drive around town and look at the Christmas lights and just kind of reminisce for a while.

It’s funny how when I go back I also notice the changes – a new building, or a new store, or a new house, etc.

What also comes rushing in is the flood of memories from childhood experiences.


I drive in a big loop, past the old house, past the church where the grassy front lawn we once played football on is now a parking lot, past the old high school – which always seems to get bigger(?), past the beach where I learned to swim, and so on.

You get the idea. These memories are priceless.


I started to wonder about the folks who may have moved away from areas they grew up in and these folks might never get a chance to go back to the old “hood.”


So the idea:


Start a Video Service that films what are essentially ‘drive thrus’ of neighborhoods. Folks hire YOU to film their old neighborhods.  Maybe once in the Fall and then again in Spring;  however you want to set it up.

You pick out a name… something like – oh I don’t know “You CAN go Home Again” set up a simple website, do some Online advertising, maybe send out a few postcards to folks who might be interested, talk it up on Facebook,  post an example video on YouTube…

Ya know get a buzz going about your video service and off you go.

Folks think it’s a great idea.  And, before you know it you have many orders coming in, and then you decide to expand into other areas, and THEN you have a real BRAINSTORM and you think WOW maybe I can franchise this and license the name to other states and really make some money!


That’s the scoop.


Take it and run with it if you want.  You’re welcome.



~ ~ ~