Two in particular.

The lofty “make the world a better place” goal:

Hello, my name is Jim!  I wanted to start a website that would, essentially, help and motivate folks to start their own small businesses.  Doing so would put them on the road to prosperity.  There is a false sense of security working for someone else.  Don’t think so?  I am sure these folks thought that way as well >>> What If

I know individuals that have been laid off after many years of working within corporate America.  So then what do they do?  Yep, they search for another job.  They look for a “safe and secure” job while overlooking the fact that maybe five or six years down the road they just might have to do it all over again.

Wow.  And people have called ME a little off the wall…

You’re smart.  You’re talented.  Why not just do your own thing?!  Set up your own business.  A daunting task at times, no doubt, especially since you start out doing mostly everything on your own so it can be difficult to gather any momentum.  I get that.  I understand.

We strive to make that journey a little easier by giving you various resources, ideas, advice, and opportunities to connect with other small biz entrepreneurs, vendors, and experts in selected industries.  It’s easier to build something great when you have others helping you.

~ ~ ~

The hands-on “let’s get some work done” goal:

Already have a small business?   Awesome.  We can help with any Content or Copy writing that your business needs.  >>> What’s the difference?  Step up your marketing efforts so your business takes off and we read about you on the cover of Inc. Magazine.

Attract more clients.  Increase Sales.  Grow your business.   That’s what you want.  Give your customers a reason to walk in your front door, and then keep em’ coming back again and again.

How can I help you?


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“After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends …  You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

– Morpheus, The Matrix movie


These days, when folks ask me what I do for a living, I smile and reply that I am in the people business.  Usually the slightly odd, curious look I receive starts a discussion that ends up with an exchange of contact information.  I typically send an email in a day or two and I ask one question:  Is there anything I can help you with?

Now it wasn’t always like this.

I was a 9-5 grinder on the wheel to nowhere living paycheck to paycheck and not much in my savings account.  Yep, did that for a few years.  I was the perfect employee: never called out sick, never late (literally) and always performed quality work.

Eventually, one day you wake up, think for a bit, and then, oh what the heck, you try getting out of bed from the other side for a change.  Then, perhaps, you see the world a little differently. 

I was just a cog in a machine that churned out profits and I was not really that important.  I was, in fact, wasting my time there.  So I left.

Here’s two weeks notice… um, thanks and good-bye.  Adios.

~ ~ ~

Went to Real Estate school, started a business with my friend Carol, and – I loved it.  Freedom to make my own (workaholic) schedule and control over my own paycheck.  Good times.  She was the meat and potatoes and I was the gravy (brown gray, not the turkey gravy, ya know the kind of gravy that you pour over french fries at two in the morning at the local diner).

I handled most of the Marketing for the RE business including:  Lead Generation, Sales Letters, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Postcards, Flyers, and more.

Flash forward two years, and that evolved into essentially Small Business Marketing Consulting.   My latest project – CompanySheep.com is, in large part, a result of a decision made several years ago to “toss my time card.”



Plan your Work.  Work your Plan.

“A dream within a dream within a dream? Is that even possible?”

– Quote from the movie Inception


A few objectives:

** I would like to be a valuable resource for your business.  Whether you have a corner deli, a fancy restaurant, a graphic design service, a video production service, or whatever inspires you I’d like to be on your team.  When you think about it writing — presenting a clear sales message that gets target customers to respond, is such an important aspect for your business success.

I would be happy to take the Creative Writing off your ‘to-do’ list so it is not some GiGantic task for you.  >>> Details


** Need a few players for your start up team?  Assemble your business Dream Team, or simply be a part of someone else’s team.  Connect with others who share the entrepreneurial spirit and showcase your area of expertise.  Become the preferred go-to person when a small biz needs advice or a project completed.

>>> Vendors

** I will also be sharing some of my thoughts about customer service and the important role that it plays in building a business and retaining your customers.  Additionally, there will be articles about the awesome people and organizations I come across (hopefully including yours!).  So be sure to check out some of the Featured Posts on the home page.

~ ~ ~

So whether you need fresh Marketing Ideas, a Creative Brain-Storming session, or if you simply want to expand your circle of influence within your business community you have arrived at the right place.

But enough about me and CompanySheep.com, I would like to hear about you.

>>> Contact me here



Six Things

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

– Wizard of Oz


Six things you don’t know about me (yet):

Why six?  It’s my favorite number (24 is a close second).  Why?  “The Doctor” Julius Erving, legendary pro basketball player, wore number six.

– Yes, I really do listen to progressive, trance, club music

– I’m a big sports fan – Go Steelers!

– Favorite historical figure – Winston Churchill

– Favorite movies –   Gladiator ~ The English Patient ~ The Last Samurai

– Favorite food – Chinese (and chocolate anything for dessert)

– Pet peeve – Poor customer service – I have been known to ban stores for awful service.  No, I’m not kidding.

– I can juggle  🙂

More About ME


Okay … that was more than six.