Chicken w/Broccoli




The last time I checked, I had thirteen phone numbers of Chinese restaurants saved in my Galaxy smartphone.  Yes, I really do love my Chinese food.  Yum.  Usually have it every day for lunch – the Chicken with broccoli lunch special.

Okay maybe it’s not quite every day, but at least 6 out of 7 days!

One of my favorite spots is a place in Milford, CT.  I have been going there for years.  Great food.  The owner and I chat about real estate, business, and life in general.

So, depending on my schedule I like to go to the beach, or park the car on a downtown street, read the fortune cookie (first) and then enjoy my lunch.  I eat and I think – about business.

I use my lunchtime, about an hour or so, to try and think of new business ideas.  New concepts, new products, improved procedures, or ways to solve a problem…  just thinking.  Let it flow and see what comes out.

Then every couple of days I review all the thoughts and ideas to see which ones might be viable and perhaps worth pursuing.

So here is the point to this lunchtime ramble…   🙂

I decided to just give away many of these potential new business ideas.

Why?  There are just way too many and chances are that I’ll never get them all accomplished.  And, I’m sure that many of the ideas won’t even pan out.  But, on the flip side, I am sure that some of them would succeed.  So, why not?  Most of them are scribbled on pieces of paper or in a yellow notepad (with a few soy sauce spills).

Once a week I post the ‘best of the best’ of my lunchtime business ideas here –

>>> Idea of the Week <<<

Feel free to take a look.  Let me know what you think, or if you would like to partner up on a business venture.

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Remember, the size of your net worth is a result from the size of your network!




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