Game Time

When it’s time to focus and get some work done — it’s Game Time.

We know you take your business seriously and we strive to bring value to your company.  You have a great product or service; you put the ‘open for business’ sign for all to see.  So now what?

Do you keep repeating that phrase “If you build it – they will come” over and over in your head? 

Of course not.  

Give folks a reason to come through your doors, engage them, gain their trust, invite them back, periodically remind them how important they are and treat them special – then you might just have a customer base for life.

That’s what you want.  Right?  Easy.

It all starts with your marketing.  Get your marketing message across in a way that really hits home.

We can help.

~ ~ ~


Creative Marketing Solutions

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.”

– Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie




Think of it as you buying the groceries and I’m cooking the meal.  You know your products, your brand, your goals, etc. We take what you want to say and I shape that into a clear message that speaks to your customers or your audience.

For website copy or content (yep, those are two different aspects) you would basically send me your thoughts, ideas, and a few notes about your business then I blend it all together so your sales message is on point.

I can also add my creative input suggestions, make sure the content flows and makes sense to the reader, marketing suggestions and ideas to attract clients (essentially consulting, if you want that).

Writing includes some back and forth edits until you literally say, “Wow! I like it.” Such as these >>>

Wow!    Wow!

>>> Examples


** EMAIL  MARKETING –  Set up Email Marketing systems, expand your audience, engage your customers and grow your business  (e.g. start a newsletter, educate customers, advertise exclusive offers)

** BRAINSTORMING  –  A no-cost ‘think tank’ meeting about your business marketing or biz ideas.  Let’s see if we can get more customers knocking on your door.  Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on things.




Relationship Based Marketing

There are numerous ways to attract customers, increase sales, and grow into a successful business.  We focus on Relationship Based Marketing (RBM) concepts to help accomplish those goals.

Here’s a technical definition of RBM >>> I’d rather watch the paint dry, but it’s easier to grasp in real world terms.

Customers must know about your company, like the products or services, and trust you in order to do business with you.

Think big picture.  Think of the LONG TERM value of your customers.

For example >>> The HK Story

Wherever I go, from jobs that I’ve had in the past, to people that I chat with in local shopping malls, to visits with a company that does over a million dollars per year in sales volume, I repeat the same message.  And that is:

You need to absolutely WOW anybody who uses your products or services so that they become regular, repeat, happy customers.

RBM is just that; an ongoing relationship with your customers.

The Bottom Line:

Jump-start your business and take it to the next level.

We can help to set up a marketing game plan for your business so that your customers or clients can’t stop talking about ‘you’ because your biz really is THAT awesome.  Through word-of-mouth advertising your customers then become some of your best marketing tools.




About Me

Years ago I did all the writing for my small Real Estate business.  I created all of our marketing promotional pieces ─ sales letters, business cards, postcards, marketing flyers, etc.  I created 36 different marketing letters that we mailed out to prospects. That’s really how I got started and my writing and marketing services just kept expanding.

I have been doing creative writing for almost 10 years now.  In essence, what I do these days is help folks to organize their thoughts and ideas for their businesses.  Also, I really do enjoy helping people.  When you think about it, nothing really happens in business until the writing gets done.

I am on the East Coast, in Connecticut actually, but I have worked remotely with folks from all across the country.  Phone calls, emails, and an occasional Skype have all worked just fine in the past.  My phone is always on, but it is best to schedule a call to make best use of both our time.

I am a night owl.  I light a candle and sit at my desk with one desk lamp, headphones on and … I write.  I’ll give you a 20% discount if you can guess what type of music I listen to.  >>> Take a guess.

Finally, I am super easy to work with. 🙂  Think of having me as part of your team as you grow your business.




My Philosophy

Most of the time my writing is an extension of how I would speak to you, as if we were sitting in a coffee shop perhaps having a conversation.  It’s not stiff, not boring, with a touch of dry humor sprinkled in.  But that’s just me.  Of course if I am writing for your business I do so within your guidelines.

Why do I stand out from others?

Short answer:  There is no cookie-cutter in my kitchen.

Long answer:  Before any writing can begin, I take the time to learn about you, your business, and your goals.  What motivates you ─ where have you been and where do you want to go?

This way I can effectively write your story and convey your message.  Spot on.  I know you will like what I write because it is essentially a reflection of you.  Others may come up with something that they hope the client will like.

Also, there is an old saying that is quite true.  You get what you pay for.  So, don’t just judge a copywriter solely by cost.  You want to work with someone you feel comfortable with and who you can easily communicate with!

Oh, and if you are starting your own Biz … Bravo to you!




List of work completed:


  • Website content
  • Website copy (what’s the difference?)
  • Home page edits
  • About Us page edits
  • Products page edits
  • DIY page edits
  • Shipping and FAQs page edits
  • Animation Script creation/edits
  • Email Notifications creation/edits
  • Goal Statement edits
  • Company Handbook Manual
  • Google Ads
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Cover Letter edits
  • Website, Blog articles
  • Website, Blog posts
  • Real Estate Marketing Letters
  • Retail Holiday announcements/ promotions
  • Press Release
  • Product Descriptions (e.g. baby apparel, natural hair and skincare line)
  • Business Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Marketing Flyers
  • Business Plan edits
  • Business Testimonials creation/edits
  • Frequently Asked Questions edits
  • Email introductions
  • Business Proposals




Service Fees

I charge on a per project basis.  Each project fee is relative to the scope of the job — client specifications, content, time commitment, level of creativity, editing, and so forth.  So it really depends on exactly what you need.  How much of my brain, how much creativity, do you need?

I can also work within any budget.  Believe me, in building a business,  I know every dollar spent is important.

We’ll work out the details.  Something reasonable.


For instance:

  • Basic editing starts at $45
  • Typically website content with editing is anywhere from $159- $249 (for up to five pages).
  • For website content less than five pages cost usually runs anywhere from $69-$149 depending on length and time involved.
  • A Blog post or article varies from $25-45 depending on desired length.
  • If client provides much of the content and I just need to shape it into a clear presentable message then $25, otherwise if I need to do some research on a topic, then it is $45.
  • Cover Letter editing starts at $25 (for two)

As always, this includes a few edits back and forth until you are pleased with the results.

Also, if we develop a working relationship, which I hope we do, price discounts will apply.

Turn around time is typically is 2 to 3 days for smaller projects and one week for a 5 page website draft.  Note: Faster turn around times can be arranged as necessary.



Need a ton of writing for your business or a special project?  We can discuss a monthly package deal so I am always available at your service.




  • For payments I use PayPal, or Venmo.
  • Projects under $100, payment in full is required before work begins.
  • For projects over $100, a 60% deposit is required before work begins or as otherwise agreed to by both parties.


Nothing complicated there, right?




Barter you say?

Who Runs Barter Town?