On the GO Lunches

This one is really short and sweet.


I often each lunch or snacks in my car while listening to the radio, or catching up on some reading, or just thinking about business.  I park and I eat – coffe and bagel, chinese food, or a bacon and egg sandwich (NO cheese), or maybe a protein bar – you get the picture.


Now here’s the thing…


I am not a slob, actually I’m a bit of a neat freak, but I always seem to spill something – on me, or in the car!  Not to mention the crumbs that accumulate between the seat and the middle section (ya know where the cup holders are and the gear shift).  So before you know it, it’s time to clean the car.  Sigh.  Ugh.


So here is the idea:


You, mister wizard, make some type of a plastic(?)  foldable tray that folks can use in their cars, place over their laps, and not make a mess!  I don’t know, call it the “Crumbcatcher” or something.  Maybe.

Make it easy to clean, easy to store in the car, not big and bulky, and stylish (?) if that’s even possible.  Make it in different colors.  Heck,  sell little advertising spots on it, or have a paid sponsor.  Get creative.  Use your noodle.

That’s not going to work you say?!?  I would be your First Customer!

Geeze the Super Soaker water gun creator (Lonnie Johnson) made millions from a water gun.  Umm – he made millions from a big water gun that people don’t even need.  It’s just for fun.  The tray idea at least solves a problem and fills a need so I would imagine the customer list would be huge.


By the way, if you see this product already out there in the retail world let me know because I am buying one!


~ JMW 



Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting to place my order from you…



~ ~ ~